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Unlock the potential of your clinical research programs

Recruiting patients for clinical studies is difficult. More than 2/3rds of sites struggle to meet recruitment targets.

We understand that health systems want more efficient ways to conduct clinical research but face logistical challenges to engage all potentially eligible patients to participate in studies.

uMed uses a technology-powered platform to empower your system to engage all of your eligible patients for participation in research programs relevant to them. The uMed platform automates patient identification, outreach, pre-screening and time to consent, allowing your research team to engage in more revenue producing studies without additional investment.

  • Boost efficiency managing your existing clinical research portfolio.
  • Generate additional research revenue via our Research Network.
  • Portfolio includes interventional, observational, academic and commercial research.
  • uMed has helped 6000+ patients enroll in clinical studies.
  • Services provided at no cost to health systems.

Hear from healthcare partners and patients taking part in uMed studies

Healthcare Partner Spotlight

Dr. Vijaykumar: National Research Lead for Modality Partnership

“Modality is a Primary Care Partnership consisting of 45 practices and about 450k patients under our care. As a National Research Lead at Modality Partnership, I am thrilled to be working with uMed because they allow us to support our patients by promoting and developing clinical research across all Modality sites.”

Patient Story

Kevin Quinn: Testing a Point-of-Care Respiratory Device

“The whole process went smoothly, uMed handled everything so I was able to participate entirely from home and didn’t have to travel!”

“Participating in research is so important. As individuals we own all this important information about our health that if shared could have a great impact on the lives of others in the future. How else can new treatments be developed if we don’t share this information?”

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Participating in a study

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Step One

System - Join a Study

Once you have joined our Research Network:

  • Utilise the uMed platform to recruit for your internal & third party-sponsored studies
  • Choose uMed supported studies sponsored by commercial and academic institutions via our web application
  • Support Population Health and Remote Patient Monitoring initiatives

Step Two

System - Review & Approve Eligible Patients for Outreach

uMed runs a study-specific search to identify potential participants.

The results of this search are available to your research team in our web application for sign-off.


Step Three

uMed - Patient Contact & Digital Screening

Once approved, uMed manages patient contact on your behalf via SMS, email and/or letter.

We provide a dedicated study support line for all patient enquiries

For most studies, between 10-40% of patients engage with our outreach.


Step Four

Patient - Consent & Referral

Congratulations! You've empowered your patients to participate in meaningful clinical research and reduced administrative workload for your staff.

For Interventional studies - we refer patients directly into your sites for final screening.

For decentralized / observational studies - we can manage at-home data collection or refer patients to the relevant study team.

Your system will receive compensation on a per patient basis.


Medical Partners

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